Hexainnoheal Co., Ltd.

About HexaInnoHeal

Hexainnoheal is a developer and manufacturer of medical devices.
Since 2019, Hexainnoheal developed a low level laser device for pain treatment.
Device’s brand name is PainQ and It certified in medical devices by Korea FDA

PainQ is the representative product of Hexainnoheal.
PainQ is the combination medical device of LED, Laser, EMS(Electro muscle stimulation)
It consist of 7 hexagon module and two electrode
Each hexagon module have 3 wavelength (642nm, 850nm,940nm) light.
Infrared light are penetrate more deeper skin and cell activated.
So, pain is relieved .

Hexainnoheal is a Venture company in Korea.
Research institute established in 2020.
Our goal is contribute to make a painless world.

Rather than wasting time going to the hospital every day, I think I've seen a lot of effect by using About a season after using PainQ, the pain in the leg, which was severe due to spinal stenosis.
Medical Laser Irradiator



Main Products

Company Introduction

Established in 2019, Hexainnoheal, a medical device company, named after a combination of Hexagon, Innovation, and Heal.
Like its name, Hexainnoheal aims to treat diseases by incorporating innovative technologies in the most stable hexagonal structure way.
Currently, Hexainnoheal is focusing on developing medical devices using light energy and
electric current, including PainQ, which uses low level laser to relief pain. Furthermore,
Hexainnoheal is trying to register its self-developed medical devices with the US FDA
and expand its business into overseas markets.

Hexainnoheal promises to communicate with customers and strive to make efforts to develop
the products that satisfy customers, so that they can enjoy a healthier and happier life.
  • Response Level
      more than 70%
  • Supplier Level
      1 million to 10 billion(KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5